I Really Want to Run

I put on my running shoes hours ago, I’ve been in my workout clothes just as long, but for the life of me I feel frozen in this house. Getting outside today for something other than errands is proving difficult. My anxiety grows as I write this, and I wonder what I’m so afraid of. Progress? Fitness? Health? Or just failing? Not being able to keep it up keeps me still, but that’s where staying present comes in. To feel like I’ve forgiven myself for the past few days I must run, not out of punishment but because it will clear my mind and help me have a better tomorrow.

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  1. Sometimes You just need a day off. I’ve gotten into workout clothes before and then couldn’t get out. Sometimes just making a decision makes me at ease. If I run I run, if I don’t I don’t. Or sometimes I’ll decide not to run, and then decide to do just a couple miles because 3-4 is better than nothing. Then I end up running further anyway. Good luck getting through it.


    1. woundstofeel says:

      Thank you, yeah I went for two days and the last two I’ve taken a break so just going to ease myself into running consistently, it really does help my depression.


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