Wash Away My Sins

Look at you ungrateful girl,

You thought you would get by with self-esteem and little pep talks about loving yourself as you are and being patient, but you knew it was a lie, you knew the facade would end.

A few days ago you almost sabotaged the only steady thing in your life, you almost gave it up cause you were feeling a chill:

Nobody loves me for all of me, they just love parts of me and tolerate the rest

you said.

You are identified by your mental illness, and only certain types of people can tolerate it

you said.

You aren’t worthy of “normal”, you’ll always be damaged

you said.

You could block that dialogue out, but choose to entertain it because it’s the voice you recognize, as haggard as it is.

Decide now that those voices will not fulfill a tragic self-prophecy. Decide how to be as patient with others as they have been with you. Decide to love without limits and conditions.

Wash away those sins girl. It’s okay that you committed them, I’m not even that mad, I just want you to stop allowing them to create madness.

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