Great Expectations

I learned a valuable lesson today, though in the back of my mind is creeping doubt

You are not a being that deserves the burden of the hauntings of my past

You cannot possibly fulfill every cellular need I have, all at once

You are learning and growing incrementally as I am, though our paces may be different

You have shown me you are human, but with strength and endurance unmatched

I question why you love me throughout my ebbs and flows

But you’ve shown me and told me over and again that I am worthy of your adoration

You hide no secret behind your comforting words, no hidden identity that you will eventually reveal

There is no catch

And you are willing to bear my burdens, because you deserve me and I deserve you

Together, we will continue our growth

My best friend and only true companion

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  1. Maree says:

    You’re so beautiful in this photo Em. ❤


    1. woundstofeel says:

      Maree! I miss you so much! Thank you 🙂


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