Been full on war these past 3 days
Since I declared “Enough!”
Body’s rebelling in harmful ways
Doesn’t want to give it up

The outlet that self-harm provides
Tries to morph into something new
With defeat looming, she confides
Tells me this new way is long overdo

Stop trying to act like a centered being,
Like a Nike commercial motivates
There’s a wall ahead you’re not seeing
Good luck with getting through its gates

Shut up, I say, Dependent! –
Need the very air I breathe
Leaving none you’ll be despondent
Beneath my heart you’ll seethe

I know a trick you won’t expect
In front of me I never saw –
Ignore your cries until you’re wrecked
Once slashing claws, now gentle paws

And then I’ll say to you, dear friend
You never were my enemy
I’ve heard you, but this has to end
No other way for us to be

We combine, respect our gifts
And humbly reacquaint
Through potent pain we’ve had to sift
And now life’s canvas we’ll repaint

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