Give us this day

Give us this day
Our daily bread
Don’t have to worry
I’m already well fed

See it on my frame
Clear as day
I consume to feel love
Purge to push it away

Such negligence
Starving souls
Wish I could help them
But the ignorance lulls

Hopeless abandon
That’s how it was
Clarity beckons
Then pulls out the rug

Can’t be what’s expected
This is my plight
Finding what works
To fill my appetite

I tried to tell you
I’m not a glutton of choice
Food was my comfort
Its pain was my voice

It’s a rough breakup
Feeling “just right”
Leading by example
My chest gets tight

Can’t be what’s expected
It doesn’t feel real
Out of touch and reach
I’ll swallow my pill

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  1. nothingbutjay says:

    Very smooth writing. Enjoyed

    Liked by 1 person

    1. woundstofeel says:

      Thank you!


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