You stop yourself from
Being real
You stop yourself
From learning to feel

Actin’ like the world
Needs discipline

“One thing at a time’s
Not the mind to win”

Well, I’m really glad
You’ve figured it out
Wish my will and drive
Could boast such clout

But, this is me
Gonna take it slow
A lifetime of fear’s
Gonna take its toll

A lifetime of pain
Can’t be swept under
No blamin’ on the rain
I created the thunder

I’m takin’ my time
Cause I don’t know it all
Nothing drastic for me
I’m not droppin’ the ball

This time I’m taking
The scenic route
In my mind gonna
Figure this all out

I don’t need to brag
That I’m some new sage
That shit isn’t real
My mind’s filled with rage

I can’t stop my words
Won’t ever shut up
Cause it’s gurus like you
That fuck it all up

For society
So please stop actin’
Like your God or humility
Is humanity’s ProActiv

All I need is my people
The ones who get it
And the rest? Be Gone!
Yeah, I’m the one who said it

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