Dirty Bedroom

My bedroom is messy
Clothes strewn on each dresser top
White fur balls sticking to the carpet

The dogs run in and out
Chasing each other, barking
Looking at me longingly
As if I have something to offer

I’m not in the mood to play boys
But if you jump on the bed
I can’t stop you
Just don’t expect a cuddle

I’m the one that needs a cuddle
Though my walls are too high
To receive love in this moment
Still reeling from the guilt I feel

For backsliding
For not forgiving myself
For ruminating

Dirty bedroom
Your curtains are ugly and not well placed
They don’t match
And the AC unit is about to fall from the window
There’s a dumb cereal dish on the desk

The bed is never made
Just a big lump of blankets
Looking like pattern vomit
Nothing matches
Some pillows don’t have their cases

The walls are white and stark
With marks from dirty feet
There are a few pictures
Not evenly aligned and dusty
The bed is falling apart
Cause IKEA sucks

Dirty bedroom
Tomorrow I’ll make you clean

I guess

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  1. Good Woman says:

    I am very moved by your poetry, such honesty and raw emotion. I do not know your story but I hope healing will be yours.


    1. woundstofeel says:

      Thank you very much! I’m healing slowly 🙂


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