My guilt
Pushes you away
You shouldn’t be so willing
To ride my waves day-to-day

Grateful, yet worried
You’re depositing
Into my bottomless pit
With little reward

You say it’s not true
It’s not hard to please me
“Stop feeling it’s Doomsday
All of the time”

You ask this of me, yet
I don’t know how to trust
Surrender to someone loving me
So much

Compared to others
I’m in paradise
No division of labor
Where I’m stuck with the bag

You help me beyond
What I can thank you
Yet my bottomless pit
Much like hunger nags

I’m not ungrateful
For what we’ve endured
Just skeptical if it’s
Normal, healthy

But, since I’m far from
It’s time to face
You’re a piece of me
I cannot erase.

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