Quicksand Steps 

I’ll push through each sinking step

To avoid the inevitable end 

I’ll grab the vine hanging above 

Keeping my head above the sand 

I will not yield 

My will unabated 

I need to be alive and well

Even if I tattoo on a smile 

Taking deep breaths and slowing time

Before I react and shift the foundation 

I will decide to combat my pain 

As agonizing and draining as it may be

I will dance in this density 

Photo Credit: The Princess Bride 

0 thoughts on “Quicksand Steps 

  1. Depression can often feel like a never ending battle with a sandpit, love the analogy. It’s so true. But what I love more is that you’ve left us with an optimistic view and spirit of fight. May you continue to dance as your days move forward. And hopefully that sandpit lets up a little for you too.

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    1. Thank you. I have to accept this is how things will feel sometimes, maybe even most times and find the will to continue on instead of allowing my pain to reach the point where I only have a nose revealed to breathe in small amounts of air that barely keep a pulse. It doesn’t do anything for me but make me want to let go, and knowing that I won’t creates its own hell. I have to do the things necessary to keep some semblance of sanity. Routine, self-care, habit, rinse and repeat. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  2. I cannot fully feel your pain but I can definitely sense your latent power! Loved your poem ……I will not yield …..your grit comes across … hoping your optimism becomes your buoy to help you ride the tide….


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