What is expected when saying those things?
Steel armor that nothing can penetrate?
Eternally patient in many ways,
Running out quickly with spewing hate

Knowing you lie to yourself as you speak
Is no recompense for the words spoken
I know that your heart aches every day
for parts of your soul that remain broken

My soul is still in pieces too
Not as much as yours right now
Battling each other will not help
We need to come together somehow

And not use words to push buttons
Trying to get negative attention
You just need love and validation
for pain and hurt you’d rather not mention

So, please forgive me little girl
for not being strong on this given day
When pressure was built up far too long
And judgement a burden I couldn’t downplay

Written for my niece, and me, to help calm me down after having a “war” tonight.

0 thoughts on “Teenagers

  1. It doesn’t relate to me with teenagers but it relates in other ways in my life which I found interesting but I guess that’s what writing is all about…it can mean something to someone in a totally differnet way. =)

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