Poetry Block 

Not sure what to write. Things have been good in the last few weeks – I’ve been a mole for the sake of a child’s protection, I made amends with a friend in a bold, daring way. I aced a job interview, and will most likely be invited back for a 2nd interview, I received another interview invite for an Executive Assistant position that pays $$$, and I’m starting to exercise again, though this time I’m taking a much more gradual approach. I also bought a new car and said goodbye to my trusty old Matrix. I’m loving the blue tooth, and I’m also loving how I apparently have the ability to make car salesman feel like they’re in the hot seat! No I won’t be schmoozed by your Crest white smile! 

I also finally filed guardianship papers for my niece (tried multiple times on my own with no success so I decided to go the attorney-assisted route – much less money than hiring a lawyer to do everything for you). 

And, today I successfully completed my mission impossible undetected, but I am uninspired to become the next Carrie on Homeland. 

That is all. My mind is out of poetry – for now. 

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  1. nothingbutjay says:

    Look forward to your return, with writing ability intact. Congrats on your steps in life.

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    1. woundstoseal says:

      Thank you! In sure something will jog it…

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