Exorcising Demons 

This consistency stuff is taking its toll, 
On the demons that writhe within my soul:

There’s Despair, she wants me to believe I’m worthless, that all the work I’ve done is completely fruitless.

Then there’s doubt, creeping up like slow molasses, “You don’t know what you need, your true self is spineless”.

Anger, she’s a real bitch and that’s putting it lightly, wants me to think she’s all that makes up my psyche.

But you know, they can keep on grinding and grunting, attempting to push the reset button, trying to pull me far back in, but they have no chance, they aren’t going to win.

Cause I’ve pushed through this daunting wall, and will block their numbers when they decide to call.

Photo Credit: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Despair_demon

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