Take this piece here,
but if it’s not enough

There is plenty more where that came from

You! Take this slice
but just a little one

Gotta save my reserves for the rest to come

Now look at that –
I’m a little confused

Sending mixed messages that make no sense

Let’s revise a bit and I’ll explain
what it is that I really meant

I’m tired, torn, demanded, adored, renewed, reborn every day

It’s nice to feel loved and needed,
but it feels like I’m drained of my blood all day

At criticial depletion, more supplements arrive, something to save me from the brink

Of complete exhaustion, flash point tension, an endless communion of which I choose to drink

The boughs still break, the dam still bursts, fight or flight awakens dramatically

Always leaving behind a crumpled mess
Making me question my sanity

Soon enough, I come to my senses
And take in fully what I’m up against

I calm my voices, displace my fears
Then decide I’m doing my absolute best

Photo Credit: Umbatman –

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