The Visit

I thought we were over this
I thought boundaries given were to be respected
I thought my feelings would be listened to
I thought my needs wouldn’t be neglected

But no, we’re back to where we were
A push and pull of who’s right and wrong
But it doesn’t matter anyhow
My mind is where your thoughts don’t belong

Thanks for the visit, I enjoyed the moments
Where I felt a connection that could continue growth
But the sabotage you so perfectly taught me
Reared its ugly head, now dysfunction froths

Cause see, now you’ve left me here to flounder
Relapsed and questioning my worth
Making a case to my sisters and brothers
Of why I choose to take this path

A few days later, and the same old cycle
Of honeyed words and apologies
Guilt, reflection and new revelations
Discourse requested, but you won’t get it from me

These discussions belong to a peer, a priest
Your husband, a counselor, a trusted friend
Not me, your daughter, who needs her mother
Who will no longer protect your enabled skin

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