Not sure if I agree, though I absolutely understand the tendency to feel isolated and alone while struggling daily with mental health. A shift in focus may be needed to reflect on our unique experiences and shaping that make us who we are – more relatable, more human, and more able to help and support others with open hearts.

It is not our barriers, but the strengths that we have gained through our experiences that can help others the most. 

If people would be more willing to share them, instead of hiding them behind distraction and noise, hierarchy and dogma, rhetoric and prescribed coaching, maybe there would be less mental illness altogether. 

Open your eyes and ears to opportunities where you can relate to someone and offer them a piece of your humanity. 

Someone could be walking past, or sitting across from you locking eyes with you, asking, begging for something more than a robotic moment between human beings. Most of the time we feel uncomfortable in these moments and want to look away or break the tension, but what if we really took the time to have a moment with someone beyond our comfort zone? 

We underestimate our ability to impact someone’s life positively, and we all relate more than we know.

Calming words aren’t hard to speak, their ingredients aren’t alchemy, their mathematics simplicity: tenderness and empathy. 

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  1. Sabiscuit says:

    I love your advice. It’s brilliant, “offer a piece of your humanity.” More of us struggle with feeling unrelatable than you realise. What puts everyone off kilter is the contortions and self harm that is done to conform. That is the antidote to healing.

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    1. woundstodispel says:

      Conformity is self harm.

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      1. Sabiscuit says:

        Exactly. Thank you.

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      2. woundstodispel says:


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