Starting to Melt 

Hi Mom. If we are going to talk again I have some boundaries that need to be kept. If they can’t be, we can’t talk.

It would be amazing if you understood the gravity of sending that awful email to the siblings and dad before going to Austin but I’m not sure you ever will. I don’t ever want to be talked about to them by you unless it’s superficial things.

Also, I won’t be made to feel bad or vindictive or spiteful for going through the processes I’m going through in this house. We are doing a lot of healing and that includes all skeletons whether it’s comfortable or not. Sis being here was important work, though she ultimately decided to leave it was not at our prompting.

I’m not sure what our relationship will look like going forward but we can take it day by day. I won’t be ready for the phone for awhile.

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