One of “Those” People

That art on my wall looks pretty basic,
I write novels in texts with little response or none,
I’m on my second divorce and have some tales to tell, but honey, if you don’t want to hear them, no harm done.

I’m one of “those” people, verbatim, from your mouth, without knowing you’d be met with such backlash. I can be sweet as pie, and then fierce as a lion, when labels are given that make no sense.

I could waste my breath, plead my case, but I don’t have a case to plead. I’ve been through cycles and painful stages and life has been through me.

I’m not damaged beyond repair, unaware of who I am or what I want, there’s no sign I should wear upon my head that says “I’ve had two chances and now I’m done.”

I’m one of those people, tenacious, resilient, I believe in love for love’s sake. We don’t all get it right, but it’s my life’s plight, and I’m learning more along the way.

Emily ©

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