Luna and Early Morning Thoughts

Luna woke me up again, she’s our honorary infant, she needs a lot of attention and doesn’t like being alone in the living room where her tree is, yet she won’t jump up on the bed and snuggle with any of us either, so what is required to get her calmed down is a little bit of meat, or opening a window where she will go back and forth for hours, jumping up and down from the sill, watching the moon and feeling the night air. Actually, I can’t say with a certainty that she sees the moon, but it just sounds cat-like.

I’m up well before my time, and doubt I’ll be able to sleep again. I was going to post something yesterday, but everything I tried to write about September 11th seemed to fall flat. I don’t want to write anything unless I feel it completely, it’s natural and honest, and I’m not afraid to post it.

I couldn’t meet all of those requirements with the things I was saying, so whatever I did write sounded off. It doesn’t mean my brain wasn’t swirling as usual, thinking about where I was when I heard, how we were impacted as a country, and most importantly, how those directly affected were impacted, including those still at war. I thought, too, of how my political beliefs have changed from then to now, and what a shift has been made.

I know there’s deeper stuff there, but I can’t begin to articulate it without admitting that as much as I think I know when it comes to what ideal I would like to see in government, realistically I know the process is slow, incremental, and has some really shitty backsliding the likes of which I didn’t see coming with this current administration. The legacy of those lost on 9/11 and after deserve far better, and that’s all I can muster for now. 

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