She’s been with us for over two years, after living with different families within family, she wanted to be here, a tumultuous undertaking.

She’s independent, yet vulnerable, affectionate and loving, a mediator that demands justice while being reminded to stay a child while she can.

She loves Batman and Robin, and most of all Nightwing, I think she’s actually in love with him.

She’s been through too much for someone so young. I’ve done what I know to do as a mother to help her heal, but I can’t escape the guilt of not filling the entire void for her while her cousin (my daughter) has it filled.

I know it’s an impossible dilemma and I’ve encountered comparisons, and impossible situations of my own that I’ve had to overcome, but ultimately she appreciates and loves me, she forgives me easily, doesn’t hold a grudge, and accepts me as I am.

She is a master snuggler, and these days I should take advantage of that, if not for my sake, for hers; she could use endless amounts of love and affection, and why not?

She deserves it.

Emily ©

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