Two years ago a boy washed up on the shore, his picture circulating as a reminder that forgetting was not a luxury we could have of the tragedies others face while we lie comfortable in our beds, while we hug our families and have no fear of being separated, ripped apart, but because we don’t face it eminently it’s not enough for some of us to care.

Pummeled with racism, a disregard for human life, justifications for why we cover our eyes and dim the lights.

A few years ago there was this high risk pool brought about by a new government rule, a president who cared about health coverage for all, didn’t want people dying on his watch, and my family, my dad benefited from this directly, no longer spending thousands on costly treatment, he was given a light, a ray of hope he’s hung onto for many years, and even though TrumpCare would be enacted after he’s 65, what of the others that would be left in tatters? Left without hope, medication and treatment? Turned away by doctors who want to help them but can’t? It’s an awful feeling to have something so needed and then ripped away like it never mattered, someone is saying it doesn’t matter, as if they have a plan that would be so much better, they don’t, it’s just retribution for a man that showed them that fighting against their collective giant worked, and it wasn’t going to be ignored forever. They don’t see the people on the front lines telling those desperate for help that they’re out of options, they don’t see the acrobatics that people go through attempting to somehow make it work, they’re desperate, in a system where hope was given and supplied, on the brink of destruction from a man of repulsion and all of his minions who do his bidding.

Pummeled, with absolute madness, how did we get here? It doesn’t make sense, in-fighting, us vs. them, you don’t have the right views, I do, screw you, I don’t need political correctness or decency, don’t need ethics or morals, a reality check of my ironies, just pointing the finger and dodging all responsibilities, no introspection, that’s how he won the election.

Backsliding, racism, the KKK, seeing both sides when it comes to confederacy? Boys being lynched in their towns for being bi-racial, it’s not making the news cause it’s too controversial, a man talking as if he has any authority cause he knows “boobs”, what is this twilight zone of sexism and a black woman being fired for telling what’s the truth? A panel of privileged white women and men talking about how racism has affected a black woman?

Pummeled. Every day, every few hours, people being bought by money and power, they want a  few seconds of fame or their own tall Trump tower, while they lose their own souls and take others’ lives, not knowing what they’re doing or caring to know. Us snowflakes will keep showing them, we won’t stop revealing, I’m not going to shut up and sweep things under the rug, this is madness and in it our world is reeling and I refuse to be a bystander, even if words are my only defense. 

Emily ©

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  1. Bad Wolf says:

    Beautifully written truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. It all spilled out so quickly, it’s been building up for awhile.


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