My feelings are always here and I like sharing them with those who cherish them, who recognize and make me aware they are aware of them, they’ve seen them and respond, gauge the situation and help it move along.

Or don’t. It won’t change my feelings, that I have them underneath burning, stirring, yearning for understanding, a connection beyond technology and morse code thumb talking… stop… stop… no end to transmission we’ve lost our connections through a medium of compartmentalization, and I fear we may just phase each other out into pieces of our hearts that longed for more all along but couldn’t break through long enough to make a difference. 

Emily ©

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  1. Rea says:

    Ouch? Always here … dot dot dit dit … always loving you … dot dit dot … feeling your words so deeply it burns ME … dit dit dot dot … I’ll never stop.

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    1. Love you so much Momma.


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