The Human Condition

Today I listened,
I felt the culmination of what it would’ve meant for a man to be without treatment,
saw the worry on his face,
the sadness in his eyes,
felt the purity of honesty in his speech,
his willingness and need to feel human connection,
like a sponge needs water,
this man has been affected by what has happened,
this climate change of care,
this political nightmare,
constant worry and fear.

I said the words I could,
he expressed his gratitude,
reached out his hand and shook mine, noticeably comforted –

This is why I do what I do,
and I need to be able to continue helping, not hindering the progress of the most vulnerable, marginalized, forgotten.

But it’s not in my hands, it never has been;
I only have words, and hope.
Emily ©

Art: Mary Clanahan

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