Greed is Not Love

In bed at 7, my mind needs to sleep
Tasks today have been difficult, weak
My head feels foggy, it’s hard to think
Knowing in the background the anchor sinks.

I want to pull it up, that takes energy
Fight through the pain of another tragedy
Keep my voice high among a billion screams
Feel it will matter, but it doesn’t seem to

I have girls to raise and I need to be strong
But I have my own struggles going on
Among the world’s they seem like tedium
Mere specks on the continuum.

Feeling this lethargy today,
while processing this pain;
prompts me to be kind –
to put on hold the massive goals as if we’re living in the Truman Show.

We aren’t.
We never were.
We must live in our realities,
sagas and sorrows.
We need to press on for the ones that are lost to the ones that forgot the above:

To the ones that forgot that greed is not love.
Emily ©

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  1. Rea says:

    If every person would be strong for those they love… if every person would make choices big and small from love… then our problems would be over. (Wouldn’t they? I ask sincerely.) We who feel love and loss and hope and sorrow deeply are each only one person, one “speck on the continuum,” but I’m finding – in this climate – that’s all I can focus on. I have little power, but I have THAT power, right here, right now, and I’m doing my best to make my voice heard. As are you. I hope you give yourself credit for the good you are doing, in so many aspects of your life. You make me want to be better. You give me strength when I’m weak, and I hope to do and be the same for you.

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    1. Thank you for this comment. You’ve always given me strength, always have. You’re giving it to me now.


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