Not Alone

I’ve taken up yoga, just in my room,
helps me manage my thoughts of gloom and doom

Signed up to attend community events, but I’m kind of shy, I’ll let you know how it went

Walk most days with a band on my wrist, counting my steps toward goals and fitness

Miles and above all or nothing,
I’ve learned to mute that type of thinking

To just be where I am, feel what I’m feeling, not force its absence or forbid it coming

I’ll learn over time to absorb less and less, despite this climate, this perpetual mess

I’ll work toward finding an inner peace, within my family, a community, locally, globally, but not alone –

I’m not alone.

Emily ©

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  1. I love the last part, “I’m not alone.” It is so powerful of a statement. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. It really is. It’s a good reminder statement. Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. Always love reading through your posts…. Thanks for Sharing such an amazing write up🌸

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    1. Thank you for reading and for your positive feedback ☺


  3. Wow that’s great that you have started yoga

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    1. Very amateur, but it’s an ongoing goal. Thanks!

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      1. Most welcome 😊😊

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