Big changes for me,
closing chapters

Sad day for me,
but focusing on others

The ones still here;
the ones that love me, all sides
been through the fires and our hearts are entwined

Friendships with lifelong wisdom,
offering who I am and not being rejected

Not anxious to be in places I’m not meant to be in,
still healing from things that I’m meant to heal from

Open as I always have been,
unashamed of who it is that I’ve become

Some fall off,
they don’t want to see my heart on my sleeve,
but I can’t contain it,
and the ones that see it? Appreciate it?
I feel their warmth today like a hot cup of tea,
going through these changes that are scary,
they hear me,
travel to be near me,
love me unconditionally,
that’s the stuff to hold onto when the world is dark and full of doom,
when the anger is seeping out of you,
even if it’s due,
the strong and the few that get you –

The enduring,
chance taking,

They exist;

I aspire to be one and live to breathe them.

Emily ©

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