My anxiety is high
Living in this climate
Where a woman, mom, child, girl, has to shout from the rooftops
That there’s a problem, something’s wrong with the things that are said
Implied, justified, born on our shoulders, placed in our heads

In my microworld,
I can make a difference,
when my girls hear horrors at school from kids, or even teachers.

Teachers –
Not the place for a pulpit,
your own views about the world or how you think people should live within it, your ideals on homosexuality
or how women should dress or interact,
your forum to discuss discipline of your own daughters, what the fuck?
You’re spreading violence and hate,
In front of my girls,
and in this case,
I can do something,
I’m sending a warning,
to anyone and everyone who tries to test my patience,
I’m a bear with my children,
my efforts won’t be wasted.

Emily ©

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