Whiskey Night 

Irish whiskey, ginger ale,
loosened our tongues,
our inner passion,
without threat of escape.

You beguiled me –
I wished to believe a true connection,
after a risque and fast seduction,
but once the buzz wore off,
found it was only in my mind.


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  1. percolatingpoetry says:

    Wow, such a tough realization. I love the way you developed this. You have this ability to create brilliant twists in your work.

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    1. Thank you, Alex! The twists seem to happen naturally, based on my life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. percolatingpoetry says:

        You are welcome, Emily! Yes, I guess life does have a way at twisting things!

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      2. It certainly does! ☺

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      3. percolatingpoetry says:


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  2. lourasmus says:

    this is fucking good

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