Anger builds,
I feel a chill,
a wave wash over,
how to deal?
with what I face,
the world’s disgrace,
I can’t shut down and shade my face,
so here I stand,
as red fills cheeks
and hope my voice conceals my shrieks.


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  1. percolatingpoetry says:

    Perhaps the toughest emotion to try and restrain for we wear it on our faces and then our bodies tremble. You capture this so well, Emily!

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    1. Yes, most think of Anger as a 5 letter word… but it’s a very necessary emotion sometimes, definitely not always, but it has its uses. It’s one of the 5 stages of grief, for one. For another, it just comes naturally when being a momma bear and having to do things I normally wouldn’t have the strength to do.

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      1. percolatingpoetry says:

        You are absolutely right. And an angry moma bear is definitely not one to mess with 🙂

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      2. percolatingpoetry says:

        Haha! 🙂

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