motivation for waking has always been you,
your safe keeping,
get through,
love for you,
as boundless as time,
fearful of any pain you feel, unimaginable
if not in my world,
what scares me,
is me,
without you.


as they pull away,
start to keep secrets,
hide their feelings,
loneliness creeps,
here for them
whenever they need me,
but who am I without their need?
Identity crisis, indeed.

Emily ©

Art: Gustav Klimt – The Three Ages of Woman

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  1. RJ Walton says:

    Spoken beautifully. I think every mother who has loved her children, even sometimes lost herself in them, gets to go through this as their little caterpillars begin to cocoon. Next, they will become butterflies who bring you joy in a whole new way. For now, your feelings put you on notice that you get to be deliberate about choosing your reasons for arising each morning. There is joy in this, but it is such a challenging transition.

    It’s like… their emerging from their cocoon is a birthing process for you, as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like this idea, a lot. ☺


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