Easily Played

July 22, 2017

I caved again, you spoke some words that I’m sure I wanted to hear, any words were better than your silence before, but once you left it was silence once more.

I said the wrong thing, pushed the wrong button, pulled the wrong trigger after you left; didn’t stick with the script inside your head, so you left me, again, with silence instead.

The resonation of problems never resolved: you run away, I try to explain, make sense of our unlikely connection in vain. It shouldn’t be worth it, the trouble, the pain, but I am the only one to blame, for letting you in on my cycle of shame, you know you have power, you use it to reign, over my heart, though I’m not a martyr, I only need to rip this bandaid, but that card, unlike me, is not easily played.

Emily ©

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