August 7, 2017

Not a drag,
a fresh start to be had,
pressing reset,
especially now,
cause the root of my problems
are not that they exist,
but that I can’t provide forgiveness and be unbound.

It’s a beautiful life,
and a beautiful world,
we murder it slowly,
we cover our ears,
shut out noise, the drowning fear
what will we become in 100 years
still live with intent,
spread the good I can spread,
dispel the clouds
holed up in my head.

It’s Monday,
a fresh start,
not a drag,
build up steam for
some life to be had,
people to be served,
voices to be heard,
encouraging words to be given,
inspire; my calling as a
social services worker,
but with him in office,
giving words of comfort
when I fear none is coming.

Emily ©

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