The Past

Crying on my knees

Praying for deliverance

From phantoms in my room

Torturous penance

Reaching out to God

Change my situation

Heal me of my wounds

Bring to me salvation

Cries were not heard

The button on mute

Fingers in ears

My plight became moot

Depending on a being

To save me from my sadness

Slowly turned my world

To chaos and madness

Vicious wrestling

Torn in between a version

Of myself pre and post conversion









By those who once loved me

Unable to fit the mold prescribed

Venturing, I cross this pit

What was lost was gained

In humanity’s awareness

Accepting the “lost”

With justice and fairness

My father as gay

My sister apostate

My friends as not fallen

Erasing my hate

Erasing my “love” in

Righteousness’ name

I now hold to my candle

the burning flame

Emily C. Poésie © February 9, 2015

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