In my head,

can’t seem to escape

the threads,

the bindings of the fates

I have to move,

but as I do,

the steps I’m taking,

changes making

shifting balances,


torn from the inside,

pressure keeps building,

every moment seems tense,

the inevitable next,

a catastrophe happening.

Is this now my life?

I manifested it well,

‘wounds to dispel’

my mission, my mantra,

but now I’m just haunted

by many at once,

too many to conquer,

juggle and balance,

carry on my sore back.

The air’s getting thin,

my sight’s getting dim,

crushing loneliness, guilt

making my head spin,

each moment with you a hopeless reminder;

do I accept or finally surrender?

no more lies or lies eternal,

what kind of choice is that?

Emily C. Poésie © April 14, 2016

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