Free Write

Found ways to feel
concrete and real,
fleeting with the fading sun
now in the dark
the night I know
with someone who would mute my voice
maybe I should tone it down
predict regret, respond in kind
not be flooded with these thoughts
live for potential I have now
forgive the times it slipped away
unwilling to repeat mistakes
seems it’s all a fantasy
these incremental remedies
washed away with grief and pain
a chronic being in this dulled state
I seek to feel, mild hope
knowing full well it’s just a joke
nobody there, not even ghosts
just me, a shell of who I was
not knowing what I will become
I guess for now, I’ll flood this screen
breathe moments in and moments out
look at the ones still floating round
snuff them with my calloused palms
if I decide to find the strength
to leave them finally gone.

Emily Cloward ©

Photo Credit

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