The literati mafia

It may be too soon, but I feel what I feel, having felt what I felt last night, in all its splendor and delicious beauty, embracing at first sight, holding it long, gazing in eyes as if saved from a drought, holding hands, soft kisses given, received with grateful wonder.

I felt myself open, my tongue was loosed, I felt free to speak the words on my lips, show you my prose, knowing it could backfire, but hoping the risk would produce gifts instead, and it did; I felt comfortable in your arms, like all layers were peeled within mere seconds, like I had the strength to open again, despite all the hurts before.

We danced and I saw the joyful abandon as you moved like your life depended on it, and I moved right along with you, a smile widening in spirit, on face, feeling like I could be…

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