You conquered me

Devastatingly beautiful.

The literati mafia


I must say goodbye with tears, pain next week
and though we’ve broken us with fiercest war
and though our faiths diverge, I urge you love –

to fight the good fight, to run the tough race
and never ever lose hope, peace or face.


Know that I love you with intensity.
Know that I hold you (here) candescently.


And if the rage of fate tore you from me tomorrow,
if paroxysms of angst and weeping crushed
me like a car careening into a sidewalk
and I’m left forever smashed with crushed headlights
of insight, a smashed engine of consciousness,
a broken windscreen of vision, a destroyed, debilitated
dashboard of memories, then my very identity
takes a gunshot to the head,
my self lies decapitated,
because you helped resurrect me
from the tumbledown, machine-gun town man
I once was, you breathed love into me,
thawed steel; made…

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