I know things about you

I was scared to know,

discovered through means

necessary for my contentment

devastated at the thought of another potential failure,

unsure if the tailspin could be recovered

convinced that it couldn’t,

you said goodbye

unconvinced you could pull me

back to your side,

but I caved,

in my effort to understand,

seeking answers to questions

difficult to ask

when I heard them,

feeling nothing but renewed resolve

to at least know you,

continue talking as two wounded souls

unwilling to give up so easily,

connection formed,

prospects for happiness

should healing continue,

for us both,

in ways differing,

while the same underneath

fear of abandonment,

lack of acceptance,

for who we are at the core;

the filler of addictions,

coping techniques,

attempting destruction

of who we both wish to be

I have no fanciful feelings

that all will be as it should,

just hope for honesty, comfort

found in each other’s arms

exhausted from battles

of previous years,

redemption visualized together,

fear and tears muted,

spending time and effort

to be better than we were;

you and I navigate the other.

Emily C. Poésie © 2018

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