All of the Above

The literati mafia

woke up from my disrupted sleep,
to find you said goodbye to me
after bursting with truth,
a popping balloon,
feelings, confetti all over the floor,
hope like flying embers
from a bonfire left to die,
renewed only by the numbness of dawn.

I must’ve been seeking
a new kind of high;
redemption in your rock bottom,
potential for introspection,

while chasms willed to be formed,
tectonic plates giving way
from the build up of pain,
knowing you once as
someone I had hoped for,
then seeing full color
of blood as the stain;

you may be cleaning it
slowly with effort and work,
but I changed my mind
in a sudden outburst
of what ifs and whys,
I know myself,
my thoughts lay on a platter
informed by all shades and
colors of human experience,
foggy to objective eyes

mantras, affirmations
I use to convince
I’m not afraid of…

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