words please don’t leave me,

need release

surplus incites,

tears swallow me,

voids from pieces freely given,

damaged goods, used, abandoned;

improved upon by those who care,

foggy thoughts attempt despair,

the script I’ve written, ripped apart,

highlights of where I’ve been, am at;

the good times lacking

their fair share,

something’s always lurking there,

happy pursuit, or gray demise,

memories of pain and lies;

knowing I’m not a victim here,

I’ve told my own, had swords to bare,

through words,

my twisted tongue released,

protection from a quiet peace;

can’t blame the ones

that left me here,

still wish they craved

my soul to steer,

lonely alone,

abyss to fill,

one final pour,

come, take a sip;

replenishment will be required,

just want to fill,

be filled together,

melt into me,

ancient desire;


your emotional vampire


Emily C. Poésie © 2018

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