Poetry Prompt Sunday

This week’s prompt by The Literati Mafia

guide words: plane, crane, harp

I wish I heard the harps playing,
as promised to me once,
feel the light of heaven’s grace
fill my soul, empty the pain

I wish I knew of greater heights,
cycles contained, still they haunt
indemnities for debts unpaid,
life’s weight to bare accumulates

no phoenix, I refuse to rise,
from ashes burnt to particles
dispersed by thunder, wind and rain,
fueled by anger, hurt, and rage

I seek to scale the mighty walls
I’ve built around my wounded heart,
soaring above requires wings,
a plane to reach my destiny

I have the tools to build the craft,
then think of my discrepancies,
stay on the ground, known dirt and soil,
familiar in my agony.

Emily C. © 2018

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