Restless sleep,
bone dry,
a stranger in my bed,
nightmarish gloom,
voices mumble
words I no longer understand;

Lack of fear,
when temperance is vital,
my teeth fall out,
a void is left,
I search missing pieces of a puzzle
I’m not sure even still exists;

Abrasive to disguise my sorrow,
hoped for healing,
distant sight,
diluted beckoning for tomorrow,
as if tomorrow will be right.

Emily C. Poésie © 2018

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  1. tara caribou says:

    Wow. Vivid and harsh. I like it.

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    1. It was so odd dreaming of losing teeth, and this is what flowed from that. Thanks, Tara.

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      1. tara caribou says:

        Generally when we dream about losing our teeth it is representative of a feeling of helplessness, insecurity, fear of rejection or feeling vulnerable. I had a feeling as I read this that is was indeed that which had laid the foundation for the poetry. Still. I liked it.

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      2. I read some interpretations, but yours is the most succint. Thank you!

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