My nightmares used to be infrequent,
dazed remembrance in the morning,
swept away when daylight dawned,
asleep in peace when midnight fell.

Now each dream is more chaotic,
miles of uncharted fears,
vicious battles,
struggles eternal,
vibrant realism,
anxious horror.

I walk the halls of my old schools,
a maze to find a destination
projects unfinished,
flunk my classes
feel crippling shame,
start again.

One foot on the brake,
speed unimpeded,
careening down the path of life,
breaking through barriers,
freefall comes,
seconds crawl ’til final death.

Pale comparisons to
gaping holes,
unwritten words,
no pen in ink,
a voice that screams and
makes no sound,
my mind teeters,
my heart
remains in purgatory,

Emily C. Poésie © 2018
Engin_Akyurt | Pixabay

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