Soul Sounds

been coloring the creations of others
distracted from creating my own
stuck in my mind
afraid of the pen
my greatest ally
dearest friend

feel the waves
of breath give life
to words unformed 
inside my mind
free write
free flow
let it all go
structure unneeded
rules broken

this is my soul
it has no mold
I scarcely know
the shape myself

days like today
grateful with love
for love given me
by those who stay

for now
and leave me never
all I need
is your embrace

love me whole
let go
I need you 
in my view
my life

don't judge
me for my 
anxious nature
I struggle
to be who I wish

but life goes on
problems get bigger
calls of 
seem to win

don't want my life
to lead to nowhere
a lonely woman

once open fully
now to the few
who prove
they love me 

Emily C. Poésie © 2018
Photo: Geralt | Pixabay

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