My heartbeat quickens, my head feels light as I attempt to take the steps
I’ve been taught are right

Get up in the morning, move the body and soul don’t stay in bed  
to hear the call of a soft pillow

Get my sneakers on
head straight to the gym
work my body
so my soul doesn’t show on my skin

Eat only healthy things 
find joy in cooking and cleaning
make the perfect recipe 
to prove I know what I’m doing

Make money 
pay the bills 
spend what I do not have 
while the thought of being here
threatens to drive me mad

Remember time for myself
do my deepest breathing
become one with the present
while time is fleeting

I wouldn’t want to waste it 
in my cycle of thoughts 
that keep me from 
achieving what it is I want

Perfect balance is the goal 
to show my gratitude
it’s all about my intent and attitude

Brush off the complication 
it could be such fun 
to find joy in the 
suffocating tedium.

Emily C. Poésie © 2019

Photo Credit: Prawny

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