I'm not broken, 
just like shattered pieces
miraculously come back together
improved upon by time
and the wisdom of age.

I'm not broken because
my love was taken for granted,

I'm not broken because
I took him back as I hoped for change,
and it's not my fault I was his prey,
I can't take that blame.

and it's not wrong
to write sad words,
cycling them on repeat,
It doesn't mean I'm difficult or
unworthy of someone loving me.

and it's not wrong
to think too much,
stumbling up a mountain peak,
I may slide, or fall great heights,
it doesn't mean my journey is complete.

and it's not wrong
to clean the slate,
renewing hope in humanity,
to see potential, try again,
it doesn't mean I am naïve.

What I am is aware and brave,
I wipe the fog off cloudy mirrors,
I feel the pain of a thousand thorns,
I sit in the dark and feel the fear,
I decide each time to take a step,
I see the frosty air, my breath,
then warm myself beside the fire,
and finally accept who I am.

Emily C. Poesie © 2020

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