Finding an identity buried under ice caps out and proud conflicted voices ever lifted pounds melt away linens start to drown mirrors double take faces can’t mistake confident one moment regretful in the next trust my intuition pay more restitution

Day 23 РSpectacle 

Last night I felt sexy Uninhibited Willing to let my body show Without apologies Rejecting toxic thoughts of what others Could be thinking Who cares They could only hope to know me If they really knew me The depth of my ability to love To protect, to feel Scary to some, but oh well I’m…

Shades of Me – Day 12

I have an idea of how things should be and because I am not living up to the standard I feel like a fraud, like I’m not worthy of healthy and stable patterns I guess one thing at a time, and the project now Is not giving into my behaviors Day 12 and the pressure…

The Edge of a Full Recovery

Written 8/9/2014. I suffered with various Eating Disorders since I was 8 years old, received treatment in 2013, and haven’t had any real relapses since 2015. I will always be on my journey toward better health and mindfulness most of all, but I needed to be reminded today of how far I’ve come. I hope for anybody struggling, my words can be of some assistance.