What’s new Emily?You were broken up with after a short romance where all you felt was drowning anxiety and all you could think about was how many times you’ve wanted to trust but don’t actually believe it’s possible because the world tells you it isn’t. Nobody is unbreakable. No bond is protected indefinitely. We all…

The Broken

There’s a hope with each new connection for sustainability, understanding, affection, love; the sum parts that make a whole, not the parts themselves. Sustainability without understanding is tolerance, passing each other as days begin and end with meager acknowledgment. Understanding without sustainability is fleeting friendship, the kind where love bombs and fancy words bring a…


“Stay happy honey”, he says after rejecting a proposition to his place, he misses our “adventures”, only body-to-body ones. I respond: Happiness is a process, not a destination, tends to grow when heard and truly seen. Good luck, and by the way, don’t call me honey. Emily ©


Roses remind of my grandmother’s garden, patterns on her bedroom wall, a rock ballad by hairband “Poison”, every rose has its thorn, a book by a genius, building vast worlds, fates resting on a single stem; potential for love, as I feel it now, blooming with only him. Emily ©


No worries or drama, not with you expectation won’t drown us, we’ll flounder instead in the webs in our heads chaos created too soon confusion to find a way out together one moment, then alone. Emily ©


walls down initially, slowly building as each nuance is observed, each word said that could lead her to believe a rollercoaster awaits; she’s not ready for any wild ride, but the kind that fits her curves and bends, keeps her vision clear, awake. Emily ©


He’s been away so long, she takes in each kiss and breath, each rose and gesture, subtle moments and vibrant fires, feeling the newness of mutual desire, opening places in her soul long closed, newly planted. Emily ©


She feels no need to sell herself, make a case of who she is, he wants her, craves her voice and touch, his warmth consumes the doubt within. Emily ©


brush strokes swirling, time in flux, the present time, a time for us, expanding meaning from just one we crave, learn, cave, and come undone. Emily ©

New One

This new one, as he calls me too, helps me feel an ease I’ve fought for with others – we didn’t succeed; feels like a warm summer breeze over chilly winter nights, calming my dreams, giving me peace where loneliness once was. Emily©