Renewed, He came back to me, Forgave me of my fear, Showed me my heart could sing again, Eyes dried of mournful tears. Emily C. Poésie © 2017 Photo Credit: PicsArt

Try Outs

It’s easy to write about pain, though pain often is the result of a beautiful hope, in something unknown, in something new, yet wise enough to see what is you, and not be afraid. Fear can also be pain, innocence lost, stepping without seeing carries too great a cost, yet we still sometimes do, it…


Foggy hope, Armor for lies, Doors open too many times, Now feeling the warmth of truth, it shines On all my pain Emily ©


I feel at ease when our hearts can speak about fears, pain, love, joy, sing, kiss passionately, building trust slowly, Loving Emily ©


He reads every piece of my poetry, wants to know me, Not at arms length, Close, closer, please stay that way. Emily ©


Synced Two of us new to the other Sharing our hearts Feeling a spark Allowing a flame to start Even with our scars Emily ©


My heart starts to open to someone new it’s too soon to know if it will bloom but now is precious, The slate is clean Emily ©


It’s my heart’s fault for the way it burns with him My mind knows what’s at stake, but it won’t listen I reach out a branch, then quickly pull it back in Protecting myself should be my mission I’m sure he knows what he’s doing walls built so high, you can’t see a thing but,…


I feel an itch My hands won’t scratch A burn, unhealed On my sore back I yearn for love I yearn for lust I receive instead, only the one Lent my body, let them reside, for reasons far and needs as wide I feel a shift My voice won’t lift Last word, unheard, Bring peace…


I have few words in me it seems since feeling noticeably absent sadness, objective acceptance, excitement with caution, worry with patience, now planning new phases, new ways of embracing ongoing life changes without a partner, or hope for new love. Just me, as lonely as it can be, clarity is all the fulfillment I need….