Lost in spheres that lead nowhere, searching for things I know aren’t there, grasping at air, my palms aware, they have nothing to hold. Emily ¬© Photo Credit

Words Unsaid

Words unsaid, It’s time to say them, I was going to plan a poem for each one, Each person, each memory that left a mark, but time is precious and it’s becoming more so with realizations of my mortality, the world’s. I love my family. As much as I hide from some of them, as…


I have few words in me it seems since feeling noticeably absent sadness, objective acceptance, excitement with caution, worry with patience, now planning new phases, new ways of embracing ongoing life changes without a partner, or hope for new love. Just me, as lonely as it can be, clarity is all the fulfillment I need….


When the car door shuts I know I’m free to feel what’s washing over me Take off my masks that serve me well, as honest as they may be; they can’t tell the greater story of what’s behind my eyes, of what I see. I wish I could say it all, like a purge of…


One year ago June, was our final doom, a chaotic ending I barely survived, financial crises besides betrayal of a kind I can scarcely discuss. I can be in the same room as you now, but brief moments only, I don’t look your way, a decade plus of broken trust and a crumbling of everything…

One of “Those” People

A very recent encounter inspired this. A) How is someone gonna comment on art being on your own wall? B) Don’t start talking about someone and label them “one of those people”. You could be talking to someone who is.