She feels no need to sell herself, make a case of who she is, he wants her, craves her voice and touch, his warmth consumes the doubt within. Emily ©


brush strokes swirling, time in flux, the present time, a time for us, expanding meaning from just one we crave, learn, cave, and come undone. Emily ©


Love’s seduction, declared then lost in moments, a poet’s muse, cursed lament, left to wonder where time went, chasing the past, wishing it sent into the present, same fragile hearts, with new time spent, break over again. Emily © SenseWrds 362


Daily she reminds herself she is worthy of love, in this at least, she presses forward, able to receive from the one who offers freely, the one who calls her sweetheart. Emily ©


Duality, between self and former self, aware of evolution while facing she has been with me all along; accepting her is my life’s mission, in that love, I can fully love others, accepting love in return. Emily ©

Nothing but Time

we have nothing but time,as bent as it can be,rushed sensibilitieswon’t be our undoing,we breathe in now,now how we’re feeling,knowing it is our hearts that are speaking,the outside worldand its constraints,won’t matter,not with us. Emily ©


I’ve spent most of my life looking back, trying to find a reason why, break a cycle that continued relentlessy, fall flat on my face and pick up again, sometimes a few steps back from where I was, now it all seems worth it, meeting you. Emily©


When I’m in the zone, each touch like cashmere against my skin, tempting me to elicit memories of prior passions, placing their energy and focus onto you only. Emily©


Kept my lamp on dim, enough to take a chance. Emily©


Life for her, an ongoing trial, where chances are taken over and again, just to prove that love is real, despite the folds in time that try to convince her that it’s not. Emily C. Poésie © 2017